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On December 12, 2012
Last modified:January 4, 2013


Omar Aqil is an artist from Lahore, Pakistan that I met on Behance. Apart of typography design and graphic design , he is also an illustrator. I first saw his Type has Muscles collection of experimental works. “I love to do typography experiments and also love the shape of Muscle cars so this is my little effort to combine these two components with abstraction. ” says the artist. And I kept on asking questions regarding his 3D images and illustrations. See below a glimpse of his universe and his beautiful proposals for brands like Nike.


Why 3D? what inspires you?

I am trying to do more and more experiments in different mediums and trying to explore new techniques, where I found 3D that is more contemporary and bouncy so I turned my visuals into that.

What do you think about the difference between commissioned work and personal projects? I saw that you have more proposals but not necessarily works on a brief for a client. Why is that?

I am really irritate sometimes because of the commissioned work, because sometimes decisive authorities are not willing enough to see the picture as you want them to see. Rather they try to impose their own demands. Working on personal projects gives me more satisfaction.



Favorite work or any special story related on a brief?
I have a large library of my favorite inspirational designs. I believe, an artist should have strong observational skills to bring more depth and precision in his art. Off course, I keep on observing work of different designers.

What are your clients?

Mostly I have local (Pakistan) clients but I have spent more time to work on my personal (experimental) projects.

What is your current/ next project?

I am sharing its caption: “History Speaks” – a Typography project.


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