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On December 16, 2012
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Vanessa Gong is an artist born in Dalian China, but moved on to Sydney Australia at a young age. She is focused on Fine Arts, Icon Design, Illustration and she started to study Chinese watercolor painting before switched to Western classical painting at age 12. Graduated from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, she worked in interior design and graphics, print, web and illustration and sometimes paintings. She likes to create objects, illustrate books and making drawings. Below you will find more about her interesting projects. Enjoy!


The Passion
I love my work to be seen, they are very personal but universal. Individuals often have different interpretations, some come across shockingly brilliant. It’s the ultimate reward!


The Goal

The only goal is to finish one project and move onto the next thing.


The Clients
I am very lucky, and able to work remotely with my old Aussie contacts. Especially Passionflower Group, I have long years relationship with them, since 2010 I have been assigned to be their only artist and creative consultant. The mural artworks for their 3 shops are my favorite. Thanks to technology today, It’s never been so easy to work from the other side of the world.



The Inspirations
From memories, experiences and works. I am very proud to be a workaholic. I listen to science podcast and electronic music while working, they often open some doors. My favorite person is Kjetil Vatne who is a Photographer/Designer, my mental/boyfriend. I also read lots of Japanese manga, my passion for Japan is more famous than my artworks : ) Like many others, I love TED, Monocle (older versions), German Movies, The whitest boy alive, Kraftwerk, skateboarder culture and many different stuffs.


Favorite Work
At the moment, my favorite piece is this book ‘before and after’, see attachment for an overall look and detail. It’s an abstract story of my creative years, how it’s been developed to today. It’s been sent to production now. The first 299 copies is scheduled to launch in spring. I have several projects approaching finishing point, Two series Micro-Sculpture paintings of geometric boobs, I have handmade over 1000 pieces so far, it’s time for them move onto the wall!


As about the Before and After project, Vanessa declares : ” This is the preface and epilogue illustration artworks of my upcoming graphic book. It’s about the journey of a good bio-sperm.”

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