ONEQ and the mix between Japanese and American art

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On December 10, 2012
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ONEQ was born in 1981 in Japan’s southeast Kyushu island. Magazine artwork, DVD cover art, apparel and clothing art, and manga illustrations are just a few of the things she is doing with a lot of passion. I saw her works on Behance and I decided to write her to find out more about this mix between Japanese and American art. I was all the time interested in manga and Japanese illustration and finally, I discovered ONEQ with her beautiful creations. As you can see, she loves orange and red tones, sensual and feminine body and she uses pop style as inspiration for her works. ONEQ was attracted to comic books and colorful covers since she was 7.



Also, she was inspired by an old lady, a neighbor who used to draw together with her. Later on, she started to draw in pencil and afterwards to use computer to add color to her drawings. Today her work as an illustrator includes a variety of genre such as magazine artwork, DVD cover art, apparel and clothing art, and manga illustrations. She confessed she likes to draw the hair of her characters, the smooth feminine lines and the curves of their bodies in motion. All the art of drawing manga stays in the balance of the lines, the expression of the face. For the future, ONEQ prepares  some T-shirt designs and an artist book. But enough with the talking. Better see her beautiful drawings.:)

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