Benoit Jammes’s tape art

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On March 10, 2013
Last modified:March 10, 2013


Benoit Jammes is an artist based in Paris. He wrote me to present his works: nostalgic audio cassettes that have the chance to a second life.

The artist plays with colors, joyful, playful ideas and he improves the visual by adding extra-elements that are customized upon need.

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree cassette, a rocket made from tapes, an UFO or a sensual scene between two pink tapes?:)

Very funny and inspiring as you will be able to see in the images here. I am sure you will love to have on of his creations on your kid’s room and why not, even on your own desk:)

My favorite are Mondrian’s art painting and the cute camouflage tape that hides in the grass. I am so eager to see more of his works, even though he confesses he miss some time to work more on his ideas. Benoit, please keep on updating us with your works.

For more of Benoit Jammes‘s works you can see some of his works on Facebook here.

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