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Tell us a bit about yourself and your creatures.

Freelance Artist and Designer
Born in 1982

Dust is a freelance artist and designer with Swiss-German roots. His early work was heavily influenced by the street and urban art scene, adopting the moniker ‘dust’ in the year 2000. From that point until today, he has been developing his own, unique style.

His work combines elements of neosurrealism, surrealism, and abstract painting. With acrylic, acrylic lacquer, and ink, his work focuses mainly on the mediums of canvas, murals, and designer toys. On his canvases and murals, dust creates fantastic worlds that immediately catapult the viewer into other dimensions.

The worlds he draws are ever-changing, and show dynamic and turbulent scenes from which something new is always emerging. His scenes are full of wild, marbled games of color, exceptionally woven textures, and structures that purvey explosions of organic life and underwater worlds. In addition, the viewer will find worlds full of struggling mythical creatures called “Körperwesen,” whose tentacles circle his world in an amoeba-like fashion. In between, one will also discover his robust “Wabenmenschen,” who guard and observe the scenery around them.

How would you describe your creative process? You sketch? You make models in clay? You use computer directly or 3D programs? Doing sketches is an important part of the process, and I do generally develop projects and new ideas in this manner. They start to find their perfect shape once I’ve begun drawing them on the computer or painting them on canvas or another medium. In terms of designer toys, I develop a sketch which is similar to a 1:1-scale construction plan. After that, I complete the construction of a prototype.

Apart from creating, what do you do? Besides my creative work, I am a passionate freeride mountain biker. Outside of work and sports, I enjoy spending time with good friends and my family.

Where does your inspiration come from? Science-fiction? Cyberpunk influence? In general, I am a child of the Star Wars generation and I recall countless comics from my youth. These things definitely influenced me, especially when creating designer toys. For my artwork, there is an infinitely complex diversity of influence, especially from nature.

Philosophy: My inspiration stems mainly from nature. The perfect composition of nature in terms of colours and shapes is not limited on large entities but is mirrored in details. Everything is connected and strives for cohesion – an all embracing symbiosis from which humans resigned as they claimed authority and dominance over flora and fauna. By dominating nature humans took over responsibility for nature. The all-devouring striving for progress attests that the human race detracts/withdraws more and more from her responsibility for nature. This problematic issue constitutes the foundation of my work, that contrasts humans and  technology with nature. My thesis is: nature does not need us, nature needs only nature.  I avoid implying explicit statements. I want the observer to think critically and draw his or her own conclusions. As the meaning of small cosmic entities changes by close observation, one finds details in my pieces that seem to be taken out of nature and that become ambivalent the closer one  looks at them. My work is focused on the vision of harmony between nature and humans – human beings that are leaded back to their origin, humans who are (like animals in a consumer society) deprived of their identity and by abstraction reduced to natural forms.

What does your work mean to you? It’s my life. I couldn’t imagine a day without painting or visualizing new ideas.

Who or what has been most influential in your work? The perfection of nature and its evolutionary way.

 When did you know you were an artist? I don’t know if I am an artist. I just love to play with colors and create shapes, live in my own world, and construct it in a three-dimensional space.

Your favorite piece of work that gave you satisfaction? Tough question; I have many canvases that inspire me. In terms of designer toys, I think that the “RAS” toys are my best creation.

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