Jewelries by Romanian artist Izabella Petrut

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On March 10, 2013
Last modified:March 10, 2013


Have you ever imagined an old roller skate can be so inspiring? Well, the creations here demonstrate the fact that different parts of a skate ( wheels and laces ) composed in a different way can create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Here is what Romanian artist Izabella Petrut confesses:

“I took apart the skates, some of them violently, others with care, focusing on two components: the wheels and the laces.

The wheels are spinning just like love make you feel, while the laces are there to bind and combine, to boil, to tangle and make a mess. I use only one color on each piece.

The colors are the ones from the skates he had – denim blue, white, dark grey. This way the pieces are dematerialized, put in another context and joined into a new object – a piece of jewelry.”

Wheel, lace, silver, steel, textile hardener, vinyl paint – all these are composing a creative jewelry painted in refined colors: a brooch, a necklace or a pendant.

And this is not all: see here some new collections signed by Izabella:

Textile game ( an almost monochrome collection of jewelry with threads)

Innocent ( The “Innocent” project gives me the chance to express an issue I am very much concerned with: the abuse against animals. The plastic toys are a way of expressing an innocence that can only imply the horrible things that could / might have happened) and

IP Jewelry by Izabella Petrut.

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