Jewelries made by Mae Alandes

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On March 10, 2013
Last modified:October 20, 2013


Mae Alandes  is a Spanish creative that studied jewellery at the EASD of Valencia and finished in 2010.

For the beginning, see Mae’s works on her Facebook here  or on her blog, here.

” One day I arrived at work where I worked as a social Integrator and a girl was sharpen all the colored pencils. When I saw the shavings they seemed precious to me and I thought that something so pretty could not go to garbage and to recycle it. I researched different ways until I found how to harden them and this is the result.”

Colorful jewelries that can decorate you one color dress. Enjoy the brooches and necklaces Mae creates using such a simple and easy to use material: the pencil shavings.

Mae Alandes is not only working with pencil shavings. She also works with brass or paper to make minimalist, conceptual, daring  jewelries.

Resin, silver and these shavings are creating a great visual effect and her jewelries are so fresh! Thank you, Mae for sharing these with us:)

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