Magie Noire by Vera Alecsa and Ioana Avram

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On July 7, 2013
Last modified:October 20, 2013


Magie Noire is a fashion collection with tribal, prehistoric and geometric motives. It is the first collection created by Vera Alecsa & Ioana Avram. The two designers took a simple approach for the clothes, meshing the ease of summer with the polish of hand painted motives.

The fabric used is viscose with elastane, which matches perfectly the relaxed and oversized shapes of the items.

Each pattern is one of a kind and customized especially for you, so that you can be unique.

Black, naturally, is a major component of the collection: black fabrics & black paintings. Other colors were also used: green, blue or red, just to break the black monotony.

Ioana is drawing since she was 3 years old. For 29 years, she was sketching, teaching and dreaming about fashion until she met Vera.

Together with her, she transposed the sketches into real clothes: Magie Noire collection was born.

Even though Vera’s paintings still decorate the hallways of her elementary school and her parents were often asked who painted her design classes homework’s, Vera started pursuing her childhood passion well into adulthood when she met Ioana.

So it was the fate that brought these two girls together just few months ago, in 2013. This is the first collection of many more to come!

The fall/winter 2013 collection will follow soon. We will let you know when it will be launched!

Until then, we invite you to enjoy the hand-tailored models with decorative patterns on their on-line shop here.

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