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On September 30, 2013
Last modified:October 19, 2013


Paola Mirai is an former Art Director from Milan, who gave up Photoshop, the office and the ad-life in order to create bracelets, rings, pendants from plastic and old hardware.

So she didn’t completely gave up the computer in her life – only that she uses it in a totally different way, an analog way.

Even if they are made from series products, each piece of the Cirkuita jewelry is unique. And, even if they stem from industrial products, Paola manages to give soul to each of them, by exploring the beauty inside technology.

She believes that these circuits are icons of the information era, when devices become obsolete and out-of-date very quickly. Just think what information, what conversations, what images those devices were part of and helped transmit. There is definitely a particular poetry to those jewelry.

The circuits come from old cameras, old computers, old printers components and old mechanical clocks. They are immersed into Orotrasparente, a super-light plastic material that Paola created after 5 years of research and experimentation.

The Cirkuite jewelry are really a small fragment of Paula herself. Her family name, Mirai, means in Japanese “Things to come”, and she (as well as her objects) is tradition and future, concreteness and intangibility, east and west.

If you like this accessorizing style you order directly from Mirai’s website:

Give it a shot yourself. You can start from doing some earrings, printed circuit board; as it is covered by traces, conductors, resistors, and different electronic components, they could look quite cool. You will need the earrings hooks, a electrician’s scissors and the circuit board. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to start:

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