Don’t cry over broken china

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On September 25, 2013
Last modified:September 25, 2013


Anyone of us has dropped a plate, knocked over a plate or even an exquisite China vase, somewhere, at some point.

No need to be sad over what’s already done, especially if you can bring that item back to life, in a different shape.

Ways to reinvent broken porcelain:

– You had this unique, gorgeous China plate inherited generation from generation. And now it’s broken – transform it into some beautiful pendants or earring  and your ancestors will be proud of you.  Plus point- you can even share it with the rest of your close ones, so more people can actually enjoy it and have a beautiful accessory (new, yet old at the same time).

– Morning clumsiness made your husband break yet another bowl, a plain one, no biggie, but you’re still a bit upset about it. To relax a bit, take the bigger parts, paint them in a pattern of your choice, glue a magnet disk onto them – and, voila! – there you have a nice surprise present for your friends.

– If you already specialized in breaking dishes, or you just passed the remaining of a Greek wedding (Greeks have this tradition in which they break plates at the wedding) you could already start to build a mosaic – some really cool, artsy stuff could come out, color decorations for your home or yard. If you have enough pieces, you can play and create a beautiful mosaic for your garden [photo], you can stick them on a photo frame. You can always include other elements, such as buttons or beads.

Once you get more handy and you exercise your talent, you can start playing around and creating more complex pieces of art – like this dress made of broken china. All you need is patience – craftiness is something to be learned with time.

Beautiful things can always come back to life, with a bit of imagination!

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