The elements-inspired typography of Liviana Popa

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On September 28, 2013
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Liviana is a young Romanian artist, caught during the inspirational process of defining her style. We discovered her unique typography projects, inspired by the elements, such as the chaos alphabet, the water alphabet or the plexiglass letter flower pots. When she doesn’t create letters, she sews and paints tote bags with parasite Romanian words or she paints skulls.
A few words from Liviana:

1. You have quite a unique typography style – how would you characterize it?
Liviana: Thank you, but I don’t think I have a style yet, I just try to find the best solution for each project. I approach each one of them differently and I don’t think someone that doesn’t know my work could recognize me from a certain style.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration?
Liviana: From the Internet (of course), books, from day-to-day experiences, everything that surrounds me etc.

3. Tell me a bit about the space alphabet – how is it made? it makes me think of some foamy, bubbly thing
Liviana: I’m surprised people ask this question. It’s 100% hand drawn with a Rotring isograph and black ink. It took a lot of patience, passion and time. I was a bit obsessed with fractals and circles and space at that time…the Space Alphabet is the result.

4. The plexiglass flower letter pots. so ingenious – this should be really produced, maybe you can sell it to IKEA. It’s the shut-up-and-take-my-money kind of thing :))
Liviana: Yes, I would obviously like that :)) this was actually a school project. We had to create a font that solves a problem we see in Bucharest. I chose to create something for the flower “shops” in our city, to allow each seller to personalize their stand with the flowers they sell. The font itself didn’t turn out that great, but the plexiglass versions of it look awesome!

5. What is the project that you pride yourself most with?
Liviana: I don’t have a favorite project..every time I finish something I start seeing mistakes or better ways of doing what I did. The Upoko project, which is a personal project I started with my boyfriend could be a good candidate though because we do it just for fun, for expressing ourselves in a creative way.And they skulls are also for sale :)). Here’s our fb page You can see two of them at the MNAC library, Libraria Jumatatea Plina and at the design shop called Dizainar.

6. What are currently working on, what’s the next project?
Liviana: Actually, right now I’m kind of searching for a job (the time has come) as a graphic designer, but I’m also working on a new, fun project called SoDro (Sew&Draw). Sew because I sew tote bags and draw because when I’m done with sewing them I “draw” words on them. The first tote bags are with verbal tics such as “gen” or “ma rog”. Only Romanian words for the moment.

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