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On October 16, 2013
Last modified:October 20, 2013


Autumn must be the most creatively rich seasons – having given birth to so many artworks through time; from landscape paintings, to pensive and melancholic poems, from misty photographs to romantic love songs, it is without doubt that the huge pallet of colors and the quiet nature of autumn days can help artists explore differently their creativity.

If you keep your eyes open and take the headphones out of our ears, you will not come short of ideas in the next weeks.

Maybe you notice that the gloves we find in shops are very common and boring, yet we need them all the time – why not come up with a new pattern, a new shape, find a better fabric? A very cute idea is to create gloves in animal shapes, or with animal shapes, like those from Warm Yourself on Etsy.

If you like nature-inspired accessories, try acorns. They are easy to work with, as the shell is not very hard to protrude with a sharp needle, and create some very cute earrings or pendants. If you’re good with glass, you can create some beautiful, colorful acorn jewelry like those on the photo. You can let yourself further inspired and  create some acorn-shaped pillows, or sew acorn shaped patterns on clothes.

Be outdoorsy!

Go and explore parks, forests nearby your city and you be sure to find some really inspirational materials. Take a stick and chop it into small pieces, make 2 holes into those pieces, and you will end up with some out-of-the-box buttons.

If you find some hay, you may try out some hay art.

In Japan, after harvesting rice, they are left with huge amounts of hay, which lead to Straw Art Festivals, with different characters shaped out of hay.

Perhaps you won’t find such industrial quantities of hay, but, hey! You can try it a smaller ratio, just to let your creative juices flowing.

Autumn. To be enjoyed as often as possible. Side effects: increased creativity, possible slight melancholia.

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