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On October 19, 2013
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Very interesting designs a a totally new design approach by The-T-Shirt-Issue.

“After more than 100 years of uniform T-shirts, we finally broke the code and started reconstructing apparel from the core. From 2D to 3D, we opened an entirely new dimension in which apparel can take any shape imaginable.”

I found these guys on Facebook and I can say I am totally amazed by the things they do. At the beginning I saw all of their works and now I found their site here and  found out more about their mission. The 1/10 Edition is a conceptual unisex collection of 10 white T-Shirts, each made from a unique digital pattern and marked with a different seam configuration. Placed and reconstructed in 3D, The T-Shirt Issue exposes pattern making to a new digital interface in which seams are used as building blocks. The idea is to have as many possibilities as possible to the classic, old, traditional T-shirt design. Make your own model and compose it from the primary shapes.

The Muybridge series is even more complex and good looking and it is inspired by a bird’s flight in air: “a bird in full flight is rigged, animated and exported into T-shirts. The T-shirts represent three frozen frames from the animated flight, displaying a different position of the bird’s body during this motion.”

The last project I saw on their site grabbed also my attention due to the perfection of its shape: the digital portraits and the perfect folding made by laser cutter.

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