Who’s the Sugar Daddy?

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On October 19, 2013
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“Whenever I want to do, I never think, “Should I? Should I not? It is always: “Yes! That’s what I’m gonna do!”.

It is with such a libertine, wonderful mindset lesson Joseph Marr, a Sydney-born Berlin-based unconventional artist starts and pursues his projects. Because he knows deep inside that an idea, with not execution is worthless.

Joseph’s Marr’s art is creating bodies and figures out of melted sugar and candies, with basically the same process as when making lollipops. They are inspired by Baroque sculpture and the elegance of Art Nouveau, and are the border of classical and contemporary art. They come in difference flavor, like Cola, Raspberry or Waldmeister (green ingredient, forest taste), but a gallery’s visitor wouldn’t be able to lick them, as they are covered in transparent polyurethane.

In a nutshell the process involves photographing the model and using a 3D printer to create a rubber dye-cut, in which he later pours sugar, that later on becomes solid. He studied and perfected this process throughout 3 years.

All the women bodies have been shaped starting from a real life model. The artist first invites models, gets familiar with them, explores positions and postures, before the actual sculpture. It is very easy to fall in love with your first ideas, but an artist needs to go past that stage and reach the really great ones. And, in order to do that, he leaves the model mark her own self upon the artwork, he would rather have a sculpture that talks about the model, and not about the artist.

Not all of us will create Art Nouveau candies, but any of us should keep in mind: bring your ideas to life, until too much rationalization kills them.

Inspired from: http://josephmarr.de/

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