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On May 10, 2014
Last modified:July 19, 2014


  Melissa is the shop owner of HRUSKAA [ Her-oo-shh-ka ] , a designer that uses simple shape to create pieces of art made in copper, aluminum, brass straws.

A modern reinvention inspired by a Finnish tradition. These geometric hanging ornaments are called a Himmeli, from the Swedish word ‘himmel’ meaning sky or heaven.

They were created to celebrate the beginning of Winter Solstice and serve a means of good fortune for the future.

These creations remind me of Calder’s designs that moved in the breeze. This time, the designs are even lighter and more sophisticated and refined.

You can have them in sets of 3 ore more pieces and you can hand them indoor, where you want. I think these beauties will add a nice touch to your living room for sure.

Established in 2010, HRUSKAA first introduced the himmeli mobile transformed into modern home decor.

Wreaths, air plant prisms and wall sculptures inspired by the classic himmeli form are all original to the HRUSKAA brand.

“Each of my original designs are influenced by the pure simplicity of Scandinavian styling and are considerate to small scaled spaces. This is because I believe everyone deserves beautiful pieces to showcase in their home.”

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