Hive sculptures by Ren Yue

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On July 19, 2014
Last modified:July 19, 2014


Ren Yue is a Beijing-based bee enthusiast that started to keep an eye on bees since 2008. He is also an artist and a bee observer that went further to study the hives structure.

He thought of creating interesting shapes having in mind the architecture of the hive.

“I was spending a lot of time observing animals and plants; my passion for moulding was parallel to an interest for insect ethology” the artist says as I found here.

The artist explored more ways of expressing his art helped by these structures but his last work – the transparent plastic polyhedrons filled with beautiful structures made by bees – is the masterpiece in my opinion.

I saw his maps created by bees too but this one is my favorite.

How this functions?

Ren Yue kept the queen bee inside the plastic structure and each day all he did is to rotate the structure and let the bees built the whole architecture.

Photos: Alessando De Toni

via Coolhunting.

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