Recycling a demolished house

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On July 19, 2014
Last modified:July 19, 2014


I previously wrote about Dave Hakkens but this year I simply forgot to take a look – in order to update myself- to his new works. I discovered a lot of new projects – and I don’t know if you already see them or not, I will just post my favorite one.

As a designer, I am very interested in recycling materials and creating new designs from different materials that are not longer useful.

Well, in fact this is what Dave did: he gathered roof tiles, metal and glass, cement and other construction materials and he used them wisely. Here is what he intended to do:

“Usually when a building/bathroom/shed etc. is being demolished a completely new one takes over his place.

This is done without leaving any trace of what has been there before, perhaps a little picture on the wall but that’s it.

I was interested in using the materials from the old building in the new one.”

Because Dave Hakkens‘ goal is simple: “try to make the world better by making things”.

See in the following images his project step by step. Anyway, congrats for the idea! I would definitely buy the tiles he made. Wonderful patterns!

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