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On September 23, 2015
Last modified:September 23, 2015


Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno creates macro art installations in major cities that incite visitors to dreaming, to portraying themselves in imaginary worlds, to getting inspired.

An artist with an architectural background, Tomas Saraceno plays with insights and ideas from multiple and diverse fields, from engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science to visual arts.

His carefully constructed bubbles, webs, cloud formations, neural networks, take the visitor in a special kind journey: one whose interpretation must be mastered by the visitor himself.

The techy-art installations can be speculated to suggest alternate ways of living, to suggest the singularity each of us has with the large web of social constructs and the utopian world available at an inspired-idea away.

in orbitis a gigantic wire and bubbles installation, displayed at 25m above the Art Museum in Dusseldorf. It spreads on 3 level in the museum cupola, giving the visitor different experiences at any moment in time. With large PVC bubbles, the entire net moves and changes depending on how many people are inside.

It creates a surreal landscape, reminding visitors of a sea of clouds. Those up in “the sky” see the visitors on the ground floor as tiny figures, while does in the museum see those tangled above as if swimming in the clouds.

it works like a creative reminder of the importance of our own perceptions (that often lay at the base of our own social constructs), it reminds us the importance of being in synchrony with others and the surround world (otherwise, with too many inside, the net would probably collapse), it helps us uncover a new medium to explore space: through vibrations.

Poetic Cosmos of the Breath

Brought to life in the culturally-different cities of London and Hong Kong, the Poetic Cosmos of Breath is, in a simple man’s words, a mere colorful, inflatable foil. When inflated, however, it takes the visitor in a land far, far away, inspired by space travel and the science fiction mastery of Andrei Tarkovsky. it is a joyful, mind-boggling reminder that our planet reveals a spectrum of possibilities, both in action and in thought, all remaining at our disposal to play with and explore.

The ethereal, shimmering effect is constructed based on the most basic of materials: a paper-thin foil membrane, a few sandbags, and a handful of volunteers. The trick is that the effect is acquired only under certain climatic conditions. As temperature rises from the early hours to the late morning, a lighthouse effect is produced inside and the lightweight foil inflates, without any mechanical or electrical device. At the same time, as the sun position and force changes across the day, so do the magical hues. Briefly, a stunningly simple idea with awe-inspiring results is all set up by natural forces – leaving the artist full credits for the idea.

The Poetic Cosmos of Breath was initially developed for the MOBILE M+ Exhibition, one prior to the opening of M+, a modern, complex visual art museum in Hong Kong (more to be found here).

Hoping that these will not be too strong words, Tomas Saraceno’s art seem to define a new beginning in art – or a very nice follow-up of the integration of arts & sciences. He, himself, is talking about a new, hybrid form of communication.

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