Pantograph’s retro, cool, but useless gadgets

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On September 21, 2015
Last modified:September 23, 2015


Pantograph, a Japanese creative-modeling design company has taken a leap of imagination to create small, retro gadgets starting or inspired from those of today and those of the eighties – ninties (virtually for now, the project on Kickstarter will take some time to get the necessary founding for them to actually be available).

There’s the information barrel – looking like a mere toy, but when turned on a red data cable comes out so you can reach your hard data & documents. There’s yet another barrel – the recharging one, basically a triple plug for different devices.

And how would like to complement those with a pocket diskmaker: that takes balls of raw data and flattens them into CDRs? And then to print out the binary code you did over lunch? Add a record player that has 4 slots for 4 types of music – vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

For us, these are all funny, cute, yet useless objects (maybe they could help you get detached when you reach some creative dead-end)…but just imagine the world in which those objects would be helpful –a weirder, but more techy world than ours, I’d say.

The Japanese modeling design company has imagined now up to 130 tiny, useless-in-a-funny-way gadgets and as gathered them in the Parallel World Souvenir Notebook.

And it’s refreshing to discover a totally different approach regarding pioneering devices, in our world of start-ups, and mobile-apps and loads of digital features.

Maybe we should allow this Parallel World to inspire us and focus more on developing hands-on, practical gadgets in our own World.

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