North for the Dreamcatchers light installations

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On September 30, 2015
Last modified:September 30, 2015


North For the Summer are an Oregon based design boutique that gathers a few modern craftsmen of lights, natural fibers, modern and traditional techniques altogether.

In the end, they create dreamcatcher – looking lamps, to make your home warmer, more welcoming, more organic…and why not, more dreamy.

They find inspiration in places all around, like any conceptual designer should. A quick glimpse of a bridge and the skies in the golden light becomes a blue – brownish woven lamp, while a mountain hut and the skies and the trees become mingled in a orange- yellow – green – blue one.

But they are so much more than lamps (a word that diminishes the vibe, the warm energy they bring). They are at the same time sculptures, art installations, energy channels.

What’s also quite fascinating about them is that they still keep the connection to nature (even if man-made), most probably because of the natural fabrics (woven wool strings and a wood frame).

They are available in standard color pallets or you can choose 4 colors for the strings and create your own organic lamp.

But why not try to make one by yourself? For sure it will turn out different, but the satisfaction will be much greater and it might inspire you to craft some other objects based on the same organic principles.

All you need is: cotton strings of natural colors, walnut or baltic birch frame – this is the one that’ll probably most tricky, but for sure you’ll be able to find a local carpenter to help out with the carving, electricals – light socket with 6′ cloth wrapped cord, on/off switch on cord and 2 prong grounded plug and the warm light bulb.


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