The hauntingly beautiful photography of Noell Oszvald

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On September 26, 2015
Last modified:September 26, 2015


Noell Oszvald, a conceptual photographer from Budapest, Hungary has quite a unique visual rhetoric in her photography.

Her first, main series until now, Prejudice, definitely marks her as a young photographer to add on the watch-list for future reference.

Her visuals are simple in plain sight, yet so complex in sub textual meaning, that one could spend tens of minutes just starring in the infinite depth of the Hungarian artist’s photos.

She dismisses the use of colors in order to enhance the effect of the forms, lights and contrast and to create, in the end, a more powerful composition.

For the same reason, she chooses not to complement the images with too much text, such as descriptions, as it would again distract the viewer and mislead him from exploring the emotions that the photos awaken in him/ her.

Noell Oszvald’s incredible sensorial eye manages to capture the purity and almost tangible emotion of simple (but not at all simplistic) compositions, while the subject (herself) and the surroundings are reduced to the relations of geometric shapes and planar backdrops.

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