Long-Exposure Photos by Vitor Schietti

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On October 11, 2015
Last modified:October 11, 2015


For sure, I love bright studios and lighted rooms but I also like the magical mood created by a source of light in a darker area. I love the sparkles and the small sources of light that are just poetic and inspiring for me.

I am very into the topic right now because I am searching for some inspirational images to decorate my studio. Maybe in the future I will come back to you with a gathering of all the images I found to get my inspiration from.

But until then, see the images below and enjoy the atmosphere!

These long-exposure photos by Vitor Schietti are real light sculptures that exist only through these photos.

The human eye can not perceive these when the photo is made, so the result is amazing when one will see the final images and the result of this effort.

The series of graphic photos is the result of the deep research on the long exposure photography.

The artist has not more than a few minutes to make them, due to the time window allowed for these pics.

Betwen 20 to 40 minutes the artist uses a place in Brazil and he thinks of a scenery.

He experiments near the margins of the lake Paranoa, the streets and the National Museum of Brasilia.

These are the proper locations that Vitor Schietti considers to be the setting of his creations.

These impermanent sculptures, as the artist likes to call, are made with fireworks but even if you would think there is a lot of Photoshop or other computer adjustment, they are purely done with the help of the photo camera.

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